May 16, 2015
Farmington, NY

The coordinator for the Finger Lakes Celtic Festival, Ben Beavers, partnered with Impact Earth to assist with their zero-waste event efforts.The Impact Earth “Zero Waste Team” led by co-founders Robert Putney & Elizabeth Carey along with Joe Harrington, our Zero Waste Project Manager, assisted with zero-waste pre-event planning and day-of-event-services, while student volunteers from RIT, provided educational and landfill diversion support during the festival.

We were responsible for setting up and monitoring three waste stations and a vendor table during the event. The zero-waste station options included recycling, compost, bottles/cans, and landfill bins. We assisted patrons with trash disposal into the proper bin categories and provided educational information regarding the zero-waste concept, our process, and our network of sustainability businesses in the Finger Lakes region. We also provided composting information for residential service provided through our partner Community Composting.


The finger lakes celtic festival generated over 290 lbs. of waste materials. impact earth diverted up to 84% of waste from the landfill.