May 5, 2015
Rochester, NY

The Rochester Institute of Technology's on-campus group, SEAL (Student Environmental Action League) and Impact Earth, Inc. collaborated on a zero-waste exhibit for the 2015 Imagine RIT festival. Together we provided zero-waste pre-event planning and zero-waste "exhibit style" services specifically for the Dinosaur BBQ vendor site in front of the Gordon Field House.

The "Green Team" was made up of 4 staff from Impact Earth, Inc., 36 volunteers, and 2 RIT student paid staff under the direction of Enid Cardinal, Senior Sustainability Advisor for the university. We were responsible for monitoring 4 zero-waste stations set up in the area immediately adjacent to the Dinosaur BBQ vendor tent. The zero-waste station options included recycling, bottles/cans, composting, and landfill bins clearly marked and tagged with volunteers to help patrons with trash disposal.

Additionally, we provided educational information regarding the zero-waste concept and process along with material, recycling, and composting information.


Imagine RIT Generated Over 521 LBS. of Waste Materials. Impact Earth Diverted up to 83% of waste from the landfill.